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Previous Workshops

Great American City

Date:         May 15, 2013
Speaker:  Robert Sampson


Killer of Sheep: a screening, with introduction and commentary by Professor George Lipsitz

Date:         May 02, 2013
Speaker:  George Lipsitz


“Death and Transfiguration: Remaking Postwar San Francisco for Postindustrial Capitalism.”

Date:           April 17, 2013
Speakers:  Richard Walker and Destin Jenkins


Slumdog Capitalism: The changing image of India’s largest slum

Date:           March 12, 2013
Speakers:  Thomas Blom Hansen and Sumeet Mhaskar


Decentering Urban Theory: Peripheries, Urbanization, and Popular Participation

Date:           February 20, 2013
Speakers:  Teresa Caldeira & James Holston


At the Edge of the City: the Peri-Urban in South Asia

Date:         January 23, 2013
Speaker:  Durba Chattaraj


Cities Unbound: Time and the City

Date:         December 04, 2012
Framing remarks: Jim Ferguson, Thomas Blom Hansen, & others.


Cities Unbound: Life in Slums

Date:           November 13, 2012
Speakers:  Martijn Koster (Utrecht School of Governance), and Rivke Jaffe (University of Amsterdam, Centre for Urban Studies)